About Our Koi

Our business is based around a few priorities. You, the customer. The quality of the fish. Fish health. And Great Prices!

To ensure healthy fishes, our Koi are quarantined and conditioned for a minimum of 30 days after harvest from mud ponds and treated accordingly to eradicate parasites.

We have four different grades of Koi:

Regular Koi

Our regular or pond quality koi come in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Although this is our lowest price grade, all fish are of an easily salable quality. These are not our culls. Always keep some in stock for that customer looking for that "unique fish".

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Premium Koi

Our premium quality koi are of a high grade. These fish have recognizable colors and patterns that allow easy identification of variety. Bekko, Matsuba, Chagoi, Soragoi, Karasu (crow), and many, many Gin Rin varieties.

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Select Koi

These fish represent the highest grade of fish commercially produced at 168 Koi. They contain all the qualities possessed in the import varieties including great conformation, color and pattern.

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Collector's Koi

These fish are show quality Koi sold individually to collectors

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